Playing a mixture of classics and new/recent tracks, DJ Alan Key plays an easy to enjoy combination of familiar tunes for any guest and many genres providing a warm and uplifting atmosphere in Macbeth.

New food menu

We now have a great selection of bar snacks including a delicious tapas menu as well as other warm items such as toasted sandwiches. Whether you are in a group or a visiting individual guest… we have the snack for you.

Whisky & Aquavit

A merging of 2 nations plus more…

The national drinks of these 2 countries have never been so well represented before in Trondheim. Our trained bar staff can recommend favourites or something new for you to try. And not only are these 2 countries uniquely represented, we also have one of the finest sections of international variations available, all with the knowledgable staff to assist in the difficult choice of choosing what one to start with!